Users complain about the new security system in macOS Monterey

Users who use their Mac to display images and videos on external displays are calling on Apple to improve the new security feature introduced with macOS Monterey. This is a special indicator that notifies Mac owners that running applications are using the computer’s camera or microphone.

In theory, such an innovation should protect users from hidden recording of conversations or videos. The indicator itself is located in the menu bar. However, the problem is that the orange or green dot is displayed not only on the main but also on all external displays. This greatly interferes during performances or the demonstration of content. Disabling the menu bar in system settings does not help resolve the issue. The indicator becomes even larger and more noticeable.

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Apple has yet to respond to such calls. However, experts were able to find a temporary solution that allows you to hide the orange dot in the menu bar. The tool is hosted on GitHub. Using a special code, users can temporarily turn off the indicator. However, the authors of the solution note that it can stop working at any time – Apple does not like it when users block the security systems that are in its operating systems.

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