UVMagic – a mirror that slows down skin aging

Craftsmen put up a mirror on Kickstarter that supposedly can slow down skin aging. The unusual technology is actually very simple: a small pocket mirror is placed on one side, and a UV emitter on the other, which helps to check the application of sunscreen.

In addition, UV rays also help to scan whether makeup has been removed correctly, which is equally important in keeping your skin looking youthful.

In fact, the thing is relevant, because we all know about the dangers of open sunlight, which can cause burns and even skin cancer. Now you have to guess: did you apply sunscreen correctly, and it’s difficult to wash off makeup because of modern waterproof textures.

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So for any girl, such a mirror will be a real discovery. Mirror starting at $89 with early order. Interestingly, UV rays are now used to disinfect the iPhone in wireless chargers and styluses for cleaning the user’s hands.

A source: Kickstarter

Written by Shubham

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