watchOS 9 concept: widgets and new watch faces

watchOS has gone through some minor changes over the past few years. But even now, having passed the way in six years, it needs to be improved. A designer at 9to5mac showed a near-perfect concept that could be the basis of watchOS 9.

Widgets on watch faces

Now the possibilities of dials are very limited. If Apple allowed widgets to be added to watch faces, as in iOS 14, they would become more useful. It could also motivate developers to make applications for smart watches, because at the moment there are very few suitable applications that you want to download and use. Often, users do not use the App Store on their watch at all, using only pre-installed applications.

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watchOS 9 concept: widgets and new watch faces

New watch faces

The designer has also developed several new dials. First of all, this is a watch face with a signature classic font “Apple Garamond”. It looks minimalistic and cool.

watchOS 9 concept: widgets and new watch faces

Next is an animated watch face with Ted Lasso. On it, the main character could move, smile and wave at you, as well as announce what time it is, as Mickey does on the already added dial.

watchOS 9 concept: widgets and new watch faces

Also a dial with a relaxing light that moves in a spiral and a dial with activity.

Application screen

The two options that Apple currently offers for viewing the app list are list and grono. They are not ideal, because in the first one you need to scroll for a long time to find the right application, and in the second it is not always convenient for you to find out where and what is located.

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watchOS 9 concept: widgets and new watch faces

Therefore, it would be logical to add the ability to view applications in the list, where the icons were formed three in a row. Something like an iPhone. Ideally, applications could be divided into folders.

The watchOS 9 concept looks very fresh and relevant. It would be nice if Apple took these chips into account in their future developments.

Source: 9to5mac

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