What new iPad apps might look like

Recently, the iPadOS 15 update has been released, which introduces us to the new Quick Notes feature. With it, you can create a note by double-tapping at the bottom right of the screen. You can also hide the note window, drag it to any part of the screen, and use the Apple Pencil to draw on the note.

This is a welcome addition for iPad users and students alike. You never know when a good idea will come up. In this way, Apple could also update its other applications by adding them in the form of Quick Notes.

For example, adding the Calculator application to the iPad in such a way that it can be quickly called up by tapping on the screen. This was very useful when working with accounts as well as spreadsheets.

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Alternatively, you could add a Weather app in a similar Quick Note view. If you need to know the weather quickly, swipe across the display and you will see a window with up-to-date weather information. Also, Apple could add a Siri Remote, or a mini Safari mode.

What new iPad apps might look like

And in order to conveniently switch between windows, Cupertino could add a small switch, tabs in which you could edit for yourself.

What new iPad apps might look like

An interesting concept that would be worth adopting for iPadOS 16. Such applications would be a very good step for multitasking, especially on the iPad Pro 12.9, where there is a large screen and small applications can be used.

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