What’s new in iOS 15 beta 3

The new update includes interesting changes in the system interface, as well as improvements to some functions, bug fixes.

New in iOS 15 beta 3

  • safari: the search bar is not located at the top, but is located immediately above the keyboard, a button for updating has been added (if you hold down the field with the URL);

New in iOS 15 beta 3

  • Locator: add things and search for a location in a new way;

What's new in iOS 15 beta 3

  • Teams: added the ability to enable background sounds;

What's new in iOS 15 beta 3

  • Apple Music: updated music widget;

New in iOS 15 beta 3

  • Paste camera text got a new icon;
  • New icons for creating Focus Modes;
  • Settings: redesigned “Reset iPhone” to “Transfer and Reset iPhone”;
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New in iOS 15 beta 3

  • Fixed bugs with Private Relay;
  • Fixed a bug with connecting to Wi-Fi with the names %.

Note: We strongly advise against installing beta versions on your iPhones as they may contain critical bugs.

Written by Shubham

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