Why Dolby Atmos Albums Sound Different on Apple Music

It’s been a couple of months since Apple introduced lossless quality and spatial sound technology to Apple Music. During an interview with Rolling stone Giles Martin, son of Beatles producer George Martin, spoke of the feature and compared it to “a quantum leap in technology”. He is also aboutexplainedwhy Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club ‘doesn’t sound quite right’ in Dolby Atmos compared to Abbey Road.

In an interview with Rolling stone Giles says the album lacks “a little bit of bass and a little bit of heft”, which also happens with some of the albums labeled Dolby Atmos on Apple Music.

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The producer then explains how Dolby Atmos mixes songs together: “We start in stereo. I think that immersive sound should be a kind of extension of the stereo field. But the most interesting thing about immersive audio is that it has a center point. It’s like smashing toffee with a hammer and all the broken pieces are spinning around you. And if you don’t have a focus point, you don’t really feel immersed. It’s a bit like James Terrell’s room where you’re just in this colorless room.”

Giles Martin also gives a little explanation as to why Beatles songs sound so good in Dolby Atmos: “As far as Beatles mixes go, me and Sam Okell [инженер]as a rule, we put the speakers in Studio Two [пространство Abbey Road, где изначально записывались The Beatles]. And we’re re-recording John’s voice in the second studio, so what you hear is it is a reflection of the room in which he sings. It brings the vocals closer to you.”

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For all music lovers, Dolby Atmos technology has become a great discovery, so we hope soon we will be able to fully enjoy the spatial sound of our favorite hits.

Source: 9to5mac

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