Windows 11 may come to Mac with Apple Silicon in the future

Earlier in the network there was information that the new Microsoft operating system will not support Macs with Apple Sillicon chips. Moreover, it was a question of both a full-fledged installation and the launch of Windows 11 on virtual machines. However, the reasons for this decision have now become known. According to reports, Microsoft banned the installation of a new version of Windows on computers with ARM-architecture due to a secret deal with Qualcomm.

However, restrictions may be lifted in the future. Sources say that the exclusivity agreement between Microsoft and Qualcomm will expire soon. However, when exactly this will happen, while it is difficult to say. The exact date is unknown.

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But many are confident that after the agreement expires, Microsoft will allow third-party ARM-based computer manufacturers to install Windows 11 without any problems.

A source: XDA

Written by Shubham

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