Withings announces smart scale with body scan option

The French company Withings, which has been producing various medical gadgets for several years, showed its new smart scale called Body Scan at CES 2022. The novelty has a fairly broad functionality. In particular, she can measure not only weight, but also the amount of fat in the body, do an ECG, evaluate nerve activity, etc.

Body Scan is equipped with 4 weight sensors, 14 electrodes and a separate handle that allows you to more accurately determine the composition of the body. This variety of sensors helps scales measure muscle and bone mass, determine the percentage of water in the body and the amount of fat. Moreover, measurements occur not only in the lower part of the body. A retractable handle with additional electrodes helps to collect indicators for the torso and arms.

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In addition to body composition, the scale can also display heart rate data, assess vascular health, evaluate small nerve activity, and detect arrhythmia.

Body Scan is compatible with Withings smartwatches, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit apps. The manufacturer claims that the battery built into the scales will last for a year of battery life.

Withings plans to start selling Body Scan in the second half of 2022. However, before that, the company needs to obtain a certificate from European and American regulators, as the scales are positioned as a medical device. The Body Scan will cost $299.95.

A source: Withings

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