Xiaomi will launch a self-repair program for smartphones

Last week, Apple officially announced the imminent launch of a self-service device repair program. At the beginning of 2022, the company promised to publish a couple of instructions and open a store with tools and parts that will be needed to replace individual modules of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. However, Xiaomi may launch a similar program in the future. A hint of this appeared in the official Indian Twitter account of the Chinese manufacturer.

While Xiaomi is not yet ready to share all the details. Now we only know that a program called Xiaomi Cares will greatly simplify the maintenance of mobile devices.

At the same time, sources claim that in the future, owners of Xiaomi smartphones will be able to purchase tools and components for self-repair. The company will also publish detailed instructions in the public domain. There is an assumption that at the beginning the Xiaomi Cares program will “work” in India, and if successful, it will become available in other countries.

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A source: Twitter

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