YouTube continues to test the picture-in-picture feature

YouTube has extended its testing time for picture-in-picture on iOS by another two weeks. Despite the fact that the feature became available to users in the summer, it is still in experimental mode and the developers are constantly extending the testing period. Picture-in-Picture on the YouTube app for iOS will last until February 14, according to the latest data.

At the moment, not all users can try out the function. Officially, it only works in the US and a few other regions. In addition, users must have an active YouTube Premium subscription to activate this mode. In this regard, YouTube is far behind the competition. Many popular video services allow users to watch videos on top of other windows without having to subscribe to a paid subscription.

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YouTube has said in the past that once testing is complete, picture-in-picture will be available to all users. However, there is no information on when this will happen.

A source: MacRumors

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